Activision may be well known these days for Destiny and the Call of Duty series but they have been pretty much made quality games since its inception in 1979. Activision came about when a bunch of guys at Atari wanted recognition for the games they were making. When Atari told them to screw off they left Atari and created Activision. Then? Then Activision made the best games for the system. H.E.R.O., Pitfall, River Raid, Enduro, Chopper Command…the list literally goes on and on and on.

This Activision Anthology on today’s Let’s Badly Play was released for the Game Boy Advance and has a crap ton of games to include some prototypes that never were released. I tackle some of my favorites from when I was a kid plus a few that I’ve never heard of. I edited here , there, and everywhere during the video because no one really wants to watch me play 10 hours of VCS Activision.

Watch the H.E.R.O. Review:

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