One fine day I took the train to Penn Station and began walking toward where my screening of Right At Your Door was being shown. As I got closer people were running. Past me. The opposite way. So I’m like, “What the hell is going on?” I actually started moving forward and saw smoke. Lots of it. Lots of people moving away. Terrorists? Well I didn’t hear a big bang. No buildings were on fire. Other than smoke I didn’t see anything else. Was I at ground zero of something? I just…kept walking. Right to the screening room.

I sat down and watched writer/director Chris Gorak’s film Right At Your Door. The film follows a husband (Rory Cochrane) who, after hearing that a slew of dirty bombs were exploded in Los Angeles, seals up his house so he isn’t infected by the bombs. Problem is his wife (Mary McCormack) shows up wanting to get out from the fallout and inside with her husband. Rory loves Mary but doesn’t want to die. Thus starts an incredible thriller about the decisions you make in true times of crisis. The film was amazing and it was a shame more people didn’t see it.

The movie ended and I went back out into Midtown. It was still there. I learned later that it was some sort of gas main break or something. When I learned I was interviewing Chris, Mary, and Rory I thought I would share with them that anecdote of trying to get to the screening.

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