When I started 2 Guys 1 Review back in January 2017 I had zero expectations. I thought the site would feature myself and my cohort writing reviews on whatever peaked our interest. For the first few months that is exactly what I did. The site slowly became a bit popular with a base that actually came day to day. Creators wanted us to review their comics, movies, music, and more. The site has blown away even my wildest expectations. For that I thank you.

Our site will soon start the process of re-branding itself to 2G1 Reviews found at 2G1Reviews.com. This rebranding will not happen overnight and will be very gradual in nature. I do not want this change to disrupt the flow of the site in the least. By the time this transition is complete everyone will already be long used to the name. Like the old name better? You can certainly buy the URL from me for 10 MILLION DOLLARS. HAHAHA!

Thank you for your understanding as we begin this transition. If you have any questions you can contact us directly at our e-mail: contact@2g1reviews.com or official2guys1review@gmail.com – until then just sit back and relax. If you are a creator who wants your stuff reviewed? Contact us at the same e-mail. Think you got the stuff to review for the site? Contact us at the same e-mail.

Thanks for reading. There’s some much great stuff to come.

All the best,
Ryan “Irish Rican” McLelland
Owner / “Writer” / Reviewer of Cool Things
2G1Reviews.com / 2Guys1Review.com