Robyn Hood: The Hunt #4
Story by: Joe Brusha
Written by: LaToya Morgan
Art by: Daniel Maine and Leonardo Paciarotti
Published by: Zenescope Entertainment

The beginning of Robyn Hood: The Hunt saw Robyn Hood captured and locked away in a prison run by the evil organization known at Tarot. Robyn barely escapes being killed in prison by many of her own enemies that were locked up in the super-max. Issue 4 has our heroine out of prison but on the run from the prison guards and superpowered prisoners all looking to recapture and/or kill Robyn. Robyn is one tough woman. There is no one in the universe that can match her bow skills and she is a hell of a hand to hand fighter. But the prison’s warden won’t rest until Robyn is taken down. He unleashes his guards, sinister agents, and those bad guy prisoners with superpowers and sends them out to recapture our archer.

Robyn has been fighting with every fiber of her being but by this point she is dead tired. She’s out of arrows. She may be a hell of a fighter but that last few fights have not been easy. Robyn decides that perhaps a last stand may be her only option. She has those who may be (secretly) on her side but as you continue to read this issue there are many twists and turns. Very unexpected twists that really make the story all that more enjoyable. I really didn’t expect what happened at the end of this issue to happen and it made for one hell of a cliffhanger.

Latoya Morgan continues to do a bang up job writing this comic. It almost makes me hope that Zenescope is out there pitching a Robyn Hood series and Morgan is picked to be the showrunner thanks to her plethora of television writing experience. Some may point out that Arrow has a similar plot to which I would say if you actually read Robyn Hood you would know that truly isn’t the case. They both wear green. They both shoot arrows. The similarities pretty much stop there. And why couldn’t you have two TV shows anyway? That’s silly. It like saying, “You can’t reboot Battlestar Galactica because we already have Farscape.”

I really love Daniel Maine’s artwork and really feel that he does justice to the characters with each and every panel. Each page is completely gorgeous – I think it is also worth mentioning that Leonardo Paciarotti’s coloring work also makes these pages pop. The trinity of Morgan, Maine, and Paciarotti is just what The Hunt needs.

With the surprise ending of issue 4 I’m really wondering where the last two issues of this miniseries will take us. Robyn Hood The Hunt #4 was dynamite. I’ll chalk it up once again to Latoya’s writing which translates wonderfully onto the printed page. She is an ace and has made The Hunt the best book Zenescope is currently publishing. This is one book that is worth checking out.


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