I can’t tell you how excited I was to interview Mary McCormack. It all goes back to the eighties when Howard Stern came to Philadelphia. As a kid my mom would get ready for work listening to Stern. I then got ready for school with Howard still playing. Right up a 10 year old’s alley. I was a fan ever since and when Private Parts came out I was there opening day. And two days later. Truth be told I was just watching Private Parts last night.

McCormack was captivating as Stern’s movie wife. She was gorgeous, she was a hell of an actor, and she really elevated the entire film. In a film with the Stern crew, Tiny Tim, Kelly Bishop, Allison Janney, AND Paul Giamatti, McCormack really stood out. Loved her in K-Pax. Mystery, Alaska. Even Dickie Roberts (I LOVE David Spade!). I saw Right At Your Door before Comic Con in New York and getting to the screening was a harrowing experience in itself. I mention it briefly with Mary in the interview but I’ll get into the events that transpired that day in Midtown walking to see the screening when I post the interview with writer/director Chris Gorak.

I had a great time talking with Mary and she really didn’t disappoint. She was one hell of a great interview. The audio on this is kinda quiet and I did knock it up a bit. I’m not sure why we were at a whisper as we were in a room with not so many people. Maybe it was just more fun chit-chatting with her this way. And Mary? If you are out there? I still crush on you. You are still the best.

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