Many of the readers who come daily to the site probably have no clue about New Jersey nor the places around it (unless I am talking about Manhattan or Philadelphia).  When I talk about local bands or local movies you can probably seek them out rather easily if it looks like something you would be interested in.  But today in talking about Terri’s Gifts you may say to yourself, “Well since it seems this store is 6000 miles away I can’t go there.”   For those reading this who may live close to New Hope, Pennsylvania you may say, ‘This sounds like a fantastic place to visit.”  If you think it sounds cool but can’t go…you are still in luck.  So there is that.

Located right near the start of Main Street in New Hope, Terri’s Gifts is a collectible and memorabilia shop with items from vinyl, to glasses and toys from my childhood, to original works by local artists like purses and tissue boxes.  When I went to New Hope I had no intention of going out shopping but I ended up parking right in front of the store.  When I got out of the car I looked right in and said to myself, “Self – this looks like the kind of store you want to shop at.”

Right as I walked inside there were some tissue boxes that immediately caught my eyes.  That’s because they had The Beatles and Bowie album covers on these tissue boxes.  Four covers on each box.  I picked up the Bowie tissue box (as the wife loves some Bowie and I thought she may dig it) and couldn’t believe how heavy the box was.  It wasn’t seem cheap ass plastic product.  It was actually heavy wood and the pictures seemed part of the wood.  It was impeccably made and really looked amazing.  I was super impressed from the git.  A woman told me that they are made by a local artist and that they could do any band you wanted if you asked.  Made to order?  Sounds perfect.  So I put Bowie down because I got it in my head that maybe if I wanted one I should possibly order a Jamiroquai tissue box.

The woman was Terri (YES like in Terri’s Gifts) and she said she likes to focus not only on cool memorabilia from the past but also showcase goods made by amazing local artists.  There is an artist who make purses out of Rolling Stone covers.  How cool is that?!!?!?!  This Maroon 5 one was pretty sweet though the Beatles purses were pretty damn sweet.  Almost made me wish I could carry a purse.  Actually if I could carry a purse I’d get a purse with the one Rolling Stone cover that had Courtney Love on it.  I so hearted that cover.  If you have a musical act that made the cover of Rolling Stone?  Then you have yourself a purse.

The rest of my personal experience through the store was a trip down memory lane.  Growing up McDonalds and Burger King always used to have these specials where you could be collectors glasses from them.  Like you went to get your Big Mac and you could buy an Eagles glass…

…or your glasses with McDonald’s cavalcade of characters…

…or your Great Muppet Caper glasses.  It is insane how just seeing these glasses invoked such vivid memories for me.  Of course I still have my Burger King Empire Strikes Back glasses at home…but, out of two full sets, only a few of those glasses still remain.

Pretty sure if you were an 80’s kid you owned one of these tiny Smurf figurines.  I never remember buying one or seeing one in a store.  They kind of just appeared at your house at night.  Like Brainy Smurf snuck in, left a figurine on your nightstand, then snuck back out.

I’m sure seeing My Little Pony will make any 80’s girl excited.  These days My Little Pony is more popular and men & women, girls & boys enjoy them.  I didn’t ask how much these OG figures go for.  I bet you they may sell for quite a bit.As a kid it was all about picking out your metal lunckbox right before school started out.  You HAD to have a new one.  For me it was always about having the latest and greatest cartoon that I loved – though the only one I can truly remember was owning a He-Man lunchbox.  This Winter Soldier lunchbox is metal.  With the old school latch.  If you had no clue that there was a 2014 Captain America movie you would swear that this lunchbox came straight out of 1984.

There is no nostalgia with this one.  I’m not a fan of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films but I found this figure peculair.  Like some toy guys are huddled around thinking, “What would make another good toy for our toy collection?  I know!  Mary Jane in a dress!  And we can sell it with a breakaway wall so Spidey can swing up and rescue her!”  More and more I think Spider-Gwen is an amazing idea…

Not quite sure if this is just a bust of Jessica Rabbit or possibly a cookie jar.  I thought it looked amazing but didn’t feel quite comfortable picking it up to find out so I just let it be.

And while it seems that I covered a lot of glasses in this tiny little piece – here are more.  Tiny Garfield mugs.  I remember snow days where I would go out and shovel the walkway.  I’d come back inside, strip off the snow clothes, and Mom would make me hot chocolate in a Garfield mug.  I forgot all about them until seeing them here.

This store is just fantastic and it isn’t just for old geeks who love seeing memorabilia from his childhood.  There is something for everyone from great modern signage, to artist creations, to those items you loved as you were growing up.

Don’t live near New Hope, PA so you have no way of visiting the store?  That’s no problem.  If you visit the store’s website at you will find that Terri sells so much from the site as well.  There is also a contact us page – so maybe if you are looking for something and Terri doesn’t have it she can keep a look out for it.

I think that Terri’s Gifts is one of the greatest stores currently in New Hope and now when I visit it the town it will always be the first store that I pop into.  I feel lucky to have found it and hope that if you love visiting Pennsylvania’s most cozy town that you may enjoy the shop just as much as I did.

Me?  I had to buy this Great Muppet Caper glass.  I had to have it.  Bought this and a sign for my basement.  I can’t wait to see what I find next time.

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