The one thing I love about Instagram is that you can find works by so many amazing and talented artists ( along with 9 billion selfies). Just a few weeks ago I wrote an article on my new artist crush SaraH Con Hache (which you can read by clicking here – which you should do IMMEDIATELY after reading this piece) and now I’m back to do a quick spotlight on another artist with some great talent: Guy Kidd.

This is (currently) Guy’s newest piece that he posted up on Instagram. I’m not sure if this is an original character (which I believe it is) or a drawing of someone else’s character but it really caught me. Not even this finished version. This is the GREAT part – as Guy has been working on this piece he has been posting layer after layer to show off his work process. Hope you don’t mind Guy that I’m going to post this.

Here’s the rough:

The pencils/inks:

The start of the coloring process:

And the final piece:

MY GOD this man has some talent. Absolutely love the look of his characters. It is like an American style mixed in with a Mangaesque look. Really it is just outstanding.

Here’s a look at more his work:

Captain Marvel:

Spider-Gwen: (SOOOOO AMAZING!)

Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels:

Metroid’s bounty hunter Samus Aran:

There are so many more pieces of art to show but I’m not going to show them here. Why? Because if you are interested in Guy’s art you should go head over to his Instagram (And his Twitter. AND his Facebook) to check out more.

Guy is going to blow up big so I’m glad I’ll be able to say, “I was crushing on his stuff long before you ever heard of him…!!!”

Check out Guy’s Instagram here:

Check out Guy’s Facebook here:

Check out Guy’s Twitter here:

Keep up the amazing work, Guy. You have a fan for life.

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