Miyoshi #1
Written by: Justin Phillips
Art by: Di Lacerda
Published by: Insane Comics

I was not mentally prepared for Miyoshi #1. The cover wasn’t very telling of what the book was going to be about and, as I went from page to page, I was pretty shocked. This is no superhero book. No guys in capes trying to save the day. It’s a damn shame because the main character Miyoshi could use a superhero. But no one is flying in to save her. At least not yet.

This first issue shoes the reader Miyoshi’s life. Her life in present day. Her life in the past. In the past, as a child, it looked like she had a lot of fun with her family. Especially her mother who seemed very warm, kind, and gentle.

In the present? I’m not really sure what is going on with her. She’s locked in a room and basically being forced to be a…sex slave? Is she kidnapped? Being held for ransom? What I do know is that there is nowhere for her to go. Nowhere to run. She’s locked in a room. Her captors shoot her up with drugs. She spends her time pretty lonely unable to do anything with her life.  We meet those men who keep those poor young girl locked up.  They are not nice men.  Sadistic.  Evil.  But definitely not nice.  At first Miyoshi challenges them in an interesting way but that challenge only leads to my hurt for the captive.

There’s a story here but as the events unfold in issue one we really aren’t quite clued in on what is going to happen in the next two issues. If writer Justin Phillips’ plan was to drop us into this horrible world, see Miyoshi tortured, and feel helpless (both the character and the reader) then he really did an amazing job. I really want to get a gun, get on an airplane to Japan, and try to save Miyoshi. Her desolate world is unbearable and I can only hope that someone…anyone…is able to save her.

From what I’ve read Miyoshi was meant to be a one-shot but Insane Comics decided to break it up into a three issue miniseries. This first issue ends rather abruptly so that makes a bit of sense. Still I think it was a wise move on Insane Comics part. This book is a must read so selling three separate issues is  smart. I mean I’d rather pay less personally for a collection but breaking up the issues really makes this title more suspenseful. I really can’t wait to read and see what comes next.

This is not a comic that is going to have you smiling from ear to ear. This content is dark in nature. This is a R-rated film. It is not sunshine and rainbows. But if you are looking for a comic that is deeper in its content and tone you can do no better than Miyoshi. I was pretty much on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading. There’s a tale that is going to unfold here. Just like any good drama, suspense, or mystery book the reader goes from page to page with eyes wide open and bated breath.

Looking over this review I realize that I really don’t reveal much. I just describe the basic plot and my feelings on the book. Which is fine. I think I’d feel horrible if I revealed too much and took that away from those interested in the book. Just know if you are looking for a slum dunk book that will haunt you to your core then Miyoshi is the series you are looking for. I absolutely will be back to review the next two issues of this memorable miniseries.


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