There’s several factors here posting this audio, above and beyond the crappy looking stills (sometimes I truly hate how iMovie washes out photos).

This is the first of some interviews from the set of 30 Days of Night: Dark Days – though this really isn’t “an interview”. We were walking around the set, interviewing the stars of the film, and just having a good ol’ time. The press gaggle that I was with was just kind of standing around when I look over at this craft service table and this girl eating some food. I look at her and think, “She kind of looks like Katherine Isabelle.” I take a few steps forward and I’m like, “Wow. That IS Katherine Isabelle.”

I walked up to her and I was pretty much giddy plus a deer in the headlights. I’ve interviewed many people over the years but I was pretty starstruck right away with Katie as I am such a massive, monster Ginger Snaps fan. I walked over and was like, “I can’t believe you are here!” to which she replied back with something like, “What? At the table eating food?” I laughed and introduced myself. I asked her why she wasn’t one of the stars we were interviewing to which she said she didn’t know. She was going to walk off the set to smoke and asked if I would like to join her. i did.

This audio really isn’t an interview. I wasn’t there interviewing Katie on the sidewalk in Vancouver as we were smoking cigs with fake dried blood on her face. We were just kinda hanging out so it was basically a B.S. session as we sat there – though I was recording (obviously). She says hi at one point to Samantha, who was my cohost at the time on 91.3 FM WTSR.

There’s also a point where I just stop talking and mention how cool it would be to “walk the streets of Vancouver like that.” I am talking about this guy who was playing a vampire. He had in the fangs, his eyes were completely black, and the dude was like 96 feet tall. There he was just walking around the street, there’s Katie Isabelle with dried blood on her face, and there’s drivers just driving by where they were filming. I can’t even begin to imagine what they must have thought was going on.

I really dug our whole 9 minutes together before she went back to filming. The stills of the guy tearing open her neck were filmed while we were on set so that was pretty cool. I really liked how down-to-Earth Katie was. She really just saw acting as a job and didn’t really care about movies. I found that fascinating, especially as she is one of my favorite scream queens of all time.

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