Faith and the Future Force #2
Written by Jody Houser
Art by Barry Kitson
Published by: Valiant Comics

While Faith and the Future Force #1 was a great read I did have one big question. If you haven’t read that book and don’t want to be spoiled – stop reading this review. Do not watch the video above.  Avoid this like the plague.  There’s some spoilers in this review for #2 but these spoilers are going to come from the preview pages and covers that Valiant themselves put out.  Just be forewarned.

The first issue of Future Force had Neela the Timewalker recruit Faith to try and defeat a robot who went into the past and has been wrecking havoc. I’m calling this robot BoxBot because he…looks like a box. BoxBot can steal psiot powers and use the powers against them. In issue 1 BoxBot totally kills Faith. They were in the past when she died.  Timewalker then goes back to the present and recruits Faith all over again along with her Renegade friends.

But I’m confused on how this space time continuum crap works. I never read Roberta Sparrow’s book. Nor Stephen Hawkings. In Bill and Ted, Back to the Future, or Timecop the protagonist never dies. In Timecrimes the guy kept going into the past and continued to make things worse and worse. In 12 Monkeys Cole does die but his future self dies while he still had a present day self.

But if BoxBot is in the past killing and changing the past doesn’t that change the entire future to the point where psiots don’t exist because he is able to wipe everyone out?  How can Neela go back to the future and everything is still the same?  Is it cross dimensional?  Faith goes to the past and dies so isn’t it then possible that the future is now completely changed and Faith may not even exist? Because after Faith dies, Neela goes right back to the same office building to recruit Faith again. This actually happens two more times. Neela says time is self correcting and there should be no paradoxes.  So either I need to sit back and see how the explain it OR they won’t explain it and it’ll not much sense.  It just feels like that scene in Austin Powers when Austin tries to figure things out time travel and just hurts his brain.

Faith and the Future Force #2 has the newly recruited Renegades going back in time to try and stop BoxBot. At first its all like, “Hey lets be super chatty with each other” which reveals a few things. #1 – DC Comics actually exist in the Valiant Universe as Faith wants to go see the Wonder Woman movie again. #2 – Dinosaur women don’t have boobs. #3 – Peter Stanchek is no longer popping the pills.

So once they find BoxBot do you think they stop him? I mean you have Peter Stanchek with you, one of the most powerful psiots ever. But you have a robot totally equipped to deal with psiots. So how do you stop the robot? It’s all in the math. This is issue 2 of a four issue mini. So BoxBot isn’t going to die until issue 4. Let’s face the facts.

I really don’t want to ruin the issue in a review but Valiant’s preview pages have slightly already ruined the story. Since they did reveal some plot in these preview issues I will say that the Renegade team is no match for BoxBot.  Neela then goes back to the future, recruits Faith all over again, then they both go out to recruit more Valiant heroes.  Now I also feel like talking about who the duo recruit is spoiling the story but once again Valiant produces a cover which basically shows all of the characters that get recruited. If you are a thinking person you might think, “Why are these people on the cover?” Deductive reasoning will probably get you the answer.  These characters on the cover because…???

Still none of that takes away from the issue.  Faith and the Future Force #2 is damn good fun and a must-read Valiant book. Jody Houser really knows the character of Faith inside and out and she must be having a ton of fun because this issue really shines. I am quite entertained and glad to see Faith, Valiant’s best character, front and center again. While I’m at it major props for the Dave Lafuente cover. Love you Dave.


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