POM #1
Written by: Marcel Dupree
Art by: Joel Cotejar, Franco Reisco, & Claudio Lucania
Backup written by: Marcel Dupree & Guido Martinez
Backup art by: Scott Jones
Published by: Power Comics

POM #1 is the third Powerverse comic I’ve gotten my hands on and thus far I’ve had some fun checking out the Powerverse first issues to see how these book are interlacing and interacting. POM seems to stand for Piece of Me which appears to be some sort of tabloid. The front cover is meant to be a mockup of that magazine and it looks like it is a publication that writes all kinds of dirt on superheroes.

When you dive into the issue you don’t see writers and photographers in a bullpen talking about snagging the latest in superhero gossip. So for this I was a bit confused. As far as I read the book didn’t even mention the magazine at all. POM seems to be a superhero book – but it isn’t as straightforward as you would think. Which is very cool with me. I’m guessing if the magazine does interact with the characters it must happen in later issues.

The story of POM #1 centers on a dude named McDougall who is housed in some sort of SuperMax prison for bad guys. A bunch of transports leave the prison with McDougall in one of the three. They are immediately followed by what appears to be some sort of superhero merc team. Their job is to grab McDougall. Once the cars reach the city these mercs attack the convoy. They find McDougall but are then attacked by two dudes in these awesome armored suits who are there to make sure McDougall makes it to court.

The issue also focuses briefly on Britney Armstrong who is the daughter of a legendary hero named Strongman. Her inclusion in the issue slightly puzzled me. After her introduction early in the issue you would think there was a purpose to her introduction. She later lands on the street right where this huge fight for McDougall is happening but then she…flies off. Like she doesn’t give a crap. Some of the text in her introduction leads you to believe that she doesn’t really give a crap about anything so this is probably expected of the character. So why her introduction? I’m just going to bet this is foreshadowing and Britney (and her behavior) will also be explained in subsequent issues.

The story ends abruptly. There is a Kickstarter for the issue going on right now to help pay for the colors so what I was told is this isn’t the finished product. But what happens with this preview issue is that suddenly the art style changes. I kept reading and was a bit confused on where the story was going. Why did it suddenly leave the street fight? What’s going on?

It turns out that isn’t part of the McDougall story at all but a separate story featuring a team called The Unit. This team is a bunch of heroes fighting zombies. And zombie dogs. All being resurrected by some dangerous monomaniacal bad guy. Concurrently we meet a beautiful woman who turns out is being interviewed to join The Unit. I thought that was pretty incredible. I wonder if she has to fill out W-2?

As many of these Powerverse book have had previous series I wondered if POM was one of them. This book really throws you right into the deep end so I actually had to go back once I hit The Unit story and start reading the book over. I thought I really missed something. Just turns out it was the backup. I think the thing for me is there’s no page between the stories (like a buy Powerverse books advert or something) and the credits for the second story appear on the last page, not the first. So the stories really slam into each other without an indication that you have left one story to join another.

I also find that first issues often repeat the names of characters several thousand times so the writer can beat it into your head the names of the characters they’ve created. I found the opposite to be true in POM #1 and think they could have included the names of these character a little more. I had to flip backwards a couple times to see if I could find the name of the character I was reading.

I’m interested in how this magazine aspect plays into the book or if it plays a part at all. It could just be a fancy way to see each issue, making it look like a tabloid. I’m interested in the magazine aspect but if it is just a way to sell the book then I think that is even more fantastic.

I really liked the art on this issue especially Scott Jones’ work on the backup which I found to be particularly remarkable. The colors in the POM section are outstanding so whoever they hired (or hiring to finish this book) is doing a bang-up job. The writing is solid and it seems writer Marcel Dupree has a great handle on who his characters are. Hopefully as issues go on and on he reveals more to the audience as the events of his story unfolds.

POM #1 is an interesting debut issue and I can’t wait to see how this title goes. I really can’t wait to see how it connects with the other Powerverse issues. I really can’t wait to read ALL of the Powerverse issues. I said that this issue throws you into the deep end, but didn’t tell you there is a shark in the pool. POM #1 might not explain too much but it is vicious, interesting, and a wonderful debut for another outstanding Powerverse book. I can’t wait to see what happens next with POM and the entire Powerverse line.


(NOTE: As this is a preview issue and not the fully finished final product I am going to say that I may revisit this issue upon completion to re-access my grade.)

The Kickstarter is already fully funded! But you can check out the book (and order yours) by clicking here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/powerverse/pom-piece-of-me-superhero-celebrity-magazine/posts/1961869

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