Alpha Rabbit has just launched a video for their song Damage off of their brand new EP.  The video was shot by D.I. Why? Films which means that amazingly talented director Anthony Catanese was behind the camera for this bad boy (he also is the guy walking into the club in the beginning).  It’s no wonder this video looks so great.  (ED NOTE: I was just informed that Sara Casey directed the video – not Tony Goggles.  So if you aren’t going to get the man to do it…you might as well bring in Casey…who is the best film editor in all of Jersey IMO.)

This was shot at the Mill Hill Basement so I guess my lone gripe will be that, since Mill Hill is right around the corner, I didn’t go to the shoot and appear in the video.  Bummer.

Beyond that the video kicks major ass and I’m glad that this video may snag Alpha Rabbit an even larger audience.

Check out the video for Damage above.  Check out my review of the Alpha Rabbit EP by clicking here.  Check out more of Alpha Rabbit’s music on YouTube by click here!