When Esthero dropped her debut album Breath from Another back in 1998 I was completely floored.  It was instantly a trip-hop classic with her sensational voice and the beautiful music behind it.  When she released her sophomore album in 2005 I ran out, purchased it, and was quite happy with the results.  However I will say that it sounded so completely different than her debut.

I don’t know much about Drop The Gun or the singer behind the music Sara Savery.  I was just astonished when I started listening to Drop The Gun’s new self-titled EP.  I was stunned.  STUNNED.  The reason I mention Esthero’s Breath from Another album is because Drop the Gun’s EP is the album I think she would have made if she continued with her sound.  Savery makes a stunning electronic/ambient techno album that is dreamy, smooth, and so very easy on the ears.  It is the follow-up I’ve been truly waiting to hear for nearly the past twenty years.

Immediately upon hearing this album I went forth on the interwebs to learn all I can about Drop The Gun and Savery…but I have to admit that I had some trouble.  I found lots of music that she has done prior to this EP’s release, I found out where she is from, but nothing about the person.  Which stinks because I literally want to know EVERYTHING.

So I’ll focus on the album.  While their are seven tracks total there is really only six as the third track Listen is just a 30 second track of some dude talking.  Totally going to say that doesn’t count as a real music track.

What’s left?  Six GORGEOUS songs.  It’s electronic trip-hop at its absolute finest.  The latest single All I Want (which I covered last week and can listen to here) is brilliant and if I didn’t know who this was and heard the song I would immediately rush to find out who the artist is.

I totally love the Esthero vibe from the music here.  And this is probably the best and deepest compliment I could ever give.  EVER.  All six of these tracks just fill your ears with joy from beginning to end.  If there’s any sort of downside it is that there is really no standout track.  Maybe the track All I Want stands out just a bit more.  But if every song is brilliant is there really a downside at all?

Really each and every song has a strong, sensual, sexual vibe that you want to put on in the background right before you get to it with that special someone.  Yeah – Drop The Gun should pretty much be the soundtrack to your sex life.  A phenomenal Breath From Anotheresque album that is great to fuck to.  How is that for an assessment?

If you love some etherial trip-hop electronica sung with amazing female vocals than Drop The Gun’s EP was created just for you.  It was definitely for me.  This is all I’ve been playing.  Over and over again.  I can’t wait to hear whatever they do next.  Just please Sara, don’t change up your style.  This is perfection.