Many, many moons ago when I was writing for a big entertainment website I continuously blasted the efforts of Warner Brothers, George Miller, and his upcoming Justice League film.  Was I a bit unfair?  Maybe.  Did the movie, to me, sound like a bad idea?  Other than Common as John Stewart it sounded awful.  Was the Mad Max director capable of great things?  Absolutely.  I actually had my boss tell me Warner Brothers heads were writing him about my directed hate.  I asked him if I should stop and he said, “No fucking way.”

Fast forward many years later to Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League film.  I am not a Zack Snyder hater.  I enjoy a majority of his films.  I thought Man of Steel was incredible.  I understood some of the hate on Batman v Superman but really think it got ripped apart a bit too much (the Ultimate Edition helped with some plot issues as well).  Batman v Superman “lackluster performance” (everyone expected a gross over a billion) helped make Suicide Squad the movie it is today – a mess of a film that is easily the worst of the 4 DCU films.

I had faith on what Snyder was doing for Justice League until I saw that newest trailer.  I really thought….”What the fuck?!?!?!”  This is the movie they’ve been waiting to make?  THIS LOOKS AWFUL!  It was not an effective trailer and I was quite disappointed.

Tragedy struck Snyder and just a few weeks back he removed himself from the film along with his (awesome) wife Deb.  The Avengers director Joss Whedon was brought in for some of the reshoots and some possible molding of the film.  It would still be Snyder’s film – Whedon was just helping to complete Snyder’s vision.

Or was he?

I don’t have too many little birdies flying around but I still have a few that have been chirping in my ear lately.  The hubbub around Justice League is that the executives at Warner Brothers are, once again, very nervous about the film.  May they be seeing some of the things that someone didn’t like about Batman v Superman?  Could those concerns be leading them to think if changes aren’t made there could be yet another DCU film that won’t reach a billion dollars? 

That is what may be happening right now.  I am told that even though the film will be released as a Snyder film, Justice League is being overhauled by Whedon.  November 17, 2017 isn’t that far away but still far enough away for the film to be molded into the film that Warner Brothers wants by a man with a proven track record for their main superhero competitor.

Is this true? Considering my source I would consider it more on the truthful side than not.

What do I make of it?  I still believe a bit of what is going on may be a continued Marvel Studios envy.  I also think that the very positive reception of Wonder Woman (which was dank at times but also could be quite colorful, charming, and sometimes funny) may help show some of the problems that Justice League may have.

Probably some fact here along with some speculation.

What will we finally see come November?  Hopefully something spectacular.  Until then…we will have to wait and see.