Vessels #1

Written by: Dave Cook

Art by: Rafael Desquitado, Jr. and Dennis Lehmann

Published by: Card Shark Comics

Vessels #1 is batshit crazy. And I actually mean this not as an insult but as a complement.  Though I’m sure if I went through the exact plot of this comic you would think I was a rambling crazy person. The plot itself is meant to keep you off kilter. Who is Wake, our protagonist?  What powers does she have?  How did she get where she is?

This is Wake’s story – a young woman with short blond hair running from The Eye. The Eye seems to be an all-powerful enemy able to take out complete cities in, well, the blink of an eye. Wake is also being pursued by what seems to be every bad guy in this godforsaken land.

The poor girl is captured and while sitting in prison she seems to find an ally in a fellow prisoner named Marillon. Marillon gives us our first clue that this woman with weird powers may not exactly be the person who we actually see right in front of us. The setting here seems to be nowhere near our modern times but it is completely possible there is more to Wake then just some girl with magical powers in the past.

Poor Wake may never get the chance to tell them who or what she is as the townspeople plan to string her up as sacrifice to The Eye. Only G’dala, a young man with some sort of psychic powers, realizes who she is. He runs out to try and save her. Can he get to the gallows in time?

And then?  Everything goes to hell. Not just with Wake’s life but reality itself. And the reader sits there reading going, “WTF?!?!?”

Vessels’ first issue is almost like Lord of The Rings, The Neverending Story, and The Fisher King rolled all into one.  It starts off with a good story and then gets more weird and complex. It’s a mindfuck in the best possible way. What is reality?  Does our real world figure into this world or vice versa?  Whatever it is, I’m quite interested in seeing what the future of Vessels holds.