Elevator #2

Written by: Dwight MacPherson

Art by: Randy Valiente

Published by: Hocus Pocus Comics

In reading this review I’m assuming you have read Elevator #1. If you haven’t then, as I talk about the plot of issue 2, you’re going to have some spoilers shooting at you.

I thought Elevator #1 was a pleasant surprise but nothing really  prepared me for this monster of a sophomore issue. Our trio of intrepid lads have reached Hell. Real Hell. With monsters and murderers, devils and demons. The worst part?  They aren’t even dead.

Not only was it a setup back on Earth but upon entering Hell and finding a friendly face the trio of boys find themselves setup again. It’s Hell. Where do you go to escape the mass legions of the dead who want nothing but your body? Your death? Presumably your soul?

Whether it is blind luck or divine intervention the boys find a tour guide to bring them through hell. Unfortunately for them it isn’t OUT of hell but a place in Hell that could possibly aid in their escape.

The problem?  There’s tons of demons and monsters out to get them. I mean IT’S HELL. Everyone is hunting them. They will stop at nothing to get them. And back on Earth?  The creepy old guy from the hotel?  We learn exactly who he is, what his intentions for the boys are, and how they may be just the first of many victims to come.

As much as I loved the first issue this second book just blew me away. The ending of the first issue had the “twist” but as the guys are now forced to circumvent hell it really drew me in. With shades of Dante’s Inferno, satanic mysticism, and mythological creatures, Elevator has enough to keep me captivated page after page.

I’m really digging what Dwight MacPherson and Randy Valiente have cooked up here and I can’t wait to see where this horror adventure goes from here.