San Diego Comic Con 2007.  There I was among a crapload of other reporters for the Iron Man roundtables.  Iron Man was nearly a year away from seeing release but Marvel was out in full force to do some early promotion of the film.

This clip is Terrence Howard, the man who would play James Rhodey.  Man was he great in the movie and, listening to this interview, he really wanted to go far with the character.  He really saw himself playing War Machine in a sequel.  Would that happen?  Nope.  I like Don Cheadle…but man I would have loved to have seen Howard as War Machine.

But hey…we all have dreams and here is Howard talking all about what it was like stepping into the role of Rhodey.

Once again it’s me at this table with around 10-15 other journalists.  You can totally tell my stupid voice from everyone else’s if you listen close enough.