There is one YouTuber that I CANNOT WAIT for new episodes from.  Nearly every video he does is meticulous in its research and presented in a fun, informative way.  You are learning about video game companies and video games…but it never seems like learning.  It seems like FUN.  It is really a testament to The Gaming Historian’s Norman Caruso on his ability to write and edit superb content for his YouTube page.  There’s also just something about his narration that is just perfect.  The man should really go into voiceover.  I can totally hear Norm’s voice in movie trailers.

I knew Caruso was working on a Blu-ray because he had announced it some time ago – but the day is finally here and his IndieGoGo has gone live for The Gaming Historian Vol. 1 Blu-ray.  It includes 16 amazing episodes from the YouTube show which includes:

The Story of Super Mario Bros 2, History of LJN, History of Wolfenstein, Power Glove, Sega Nomad, Tengen: Atari Games vs. Nintendo, Nintendo’s 3 Biggest Mistakes, Mega Man on Sega, Sharp NES TV, The Life of Satoru Iwata, Mario’s Secret Game Boy Games, Sega Visions Magazine, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Ristar, Conquest of the Crystal Palace, and Top 10 Birds in Video Games.

Best of all every episode has been remastered in the highest quality possible.  Worst of all?  Well – missing from this collection are two of my favorite episodes: The story of Nintendo and the Seattle Mariners and also an overview of the StarTropics series.  I guess Norm is saving content just for me so I’ll go out and buy his Volume 2.  Fair enough.

There’s also audio commentary on every episode including such YouTubers as ProJared, The Completionist, Lazy Game Reviews, Pixel Dan, Derek Alexander (SSFF), PushingUpRoses, and Joey “Roo” DeSena.  I hope the episode with Roo has Norm asking Roo when the next 16-Bit Gems is coming.  Because I miss that show too.

There is also a slew of exclusive content.  I’m really most excited for an all new 20-minute episode on the controversial Grand Theft Auto “hot coffee” mod. The hot coffee mod had a huge impact on the industry. It inspired lawsuits, government intervention, and permanently changed the way the ESRB reviews games.  No clue what a hot coffee mod is?  Basically it was a usually inaccessible minigame within GTA where you could bang your girlfriend.  Guess what?  It became accessible and a whole slew of crap came down on the video game industry.  I can’t wait to hear what Norm came up with for this exclusive episode.

There’s also some exclusive stuff that includes a tour of Norm’s game room, an updated history of the show (the original, which is on YouTube, is very cool), and an episode of “Cookin’ with Norm!” where we learn “how to make Norm’s spicy North Carolina BBW”?!!?!!?!?!?  Ha.  Sounds awesome.

The IndieGoGo is live and already vastly successful.  If you are a fan of The Gaming Historian, YouTubers, or video games in general this Blu-ray will be right up your alley.  I actually ordered mine and spent ten extra bucks for a t-shirt.  I already own a Gaming Historian t-shirt…but I figured…why not own two?

You can learn more about The Gaming Historian Vol. 1 Blu-ray (and pre-order it!) by clicking here:

And check back here in a few weeks once the Blu-ray reaches my mailbox for a full review!!!