This album is fucking amazing.

I mean there’s no two ways about it. Jen Gloeckner’s Vine is hypnotic wonderment. It enters my ears and literally has me seeing sounds. It’s a knockout. There may not be enough nouns and adjectives to properly emote how great Vine really is.

It’s calm and soothing with such an array of different sounds on every track. I’m not sure what’s comparable. Brian Wilson’s legendary Pet Sounds? Calling this Esthero meets Portishead with a coupling of trip-hop, alternative rock, ambient sounds, and phenomenal instrumentation still actually can’t do it justice.

Vine is an eleven track masterpiece. Jen has this very steady low voice that is just completely tranquilizing. Vine is the type of album that you turn on and just relax to. Like I want to just smoke a J and let the world disappear as I listen.

So other than raving about the album I’m not really sure what else to say about it. Here’s why: When I listen to an album I can pick out tracks that I love, tracks that I like, tracks I think are meh, and tracks I just don’t dig. It is something that always happens even with some of my most favorite albums of all time. I can always find songs to skip over. But here? Brilliance all the way through.

Now this album is slow paced. If you are looking for music to dance to Vine may not be the answer – unless you would like to dance really slow to it.

Here’s Vine – the first track of the album mixed with Firefly – the album’s second track.  Just listen to the music – what was put into the making of these tracks (and the album) is just stunning.  It’s so literally ethereal that it feels like you can float to the heavens just by listening to it.

Beside the first track I would say my other most favorite track comes later on the album with a song titled Colors.  This song blows me away.  It is almost like this should be the soundtrack to my life, something playing in the background while I’m walking, driving, or whatever else I would be doing.

But, again, I really can’t speak to what is good and what is bad on this album.  Why?  There’s no bad. This is perhaps one of the most amazing albums I’ve heard in years.  YEARS.  As a reviewer it is all I could ever hope for – something that is enjoyable from start to finish where there is not one thing bad I could say.

So my recommendation?  Boot up Spotify and listen to it.  Buy it on iTunes.  Snag the CD.  Toss the vinyl on the record player.  If you’re not blown away you might not have a soul.