Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment….dudes…you are screwing the pooch here.

This Justice League trailer hit on Saturday and it has not taken the world by storm. Quite the opposite in fact. And while I was rather impressed by last year’s a Comic Con trailer, this one truly had me scratching my head. Once again the utter dankness of it all…just grey and gross. Batman quipping. Quipping? Really? Flash asks what Batman’s superpower is and he says, “I’m rich.” Really? REALLY?!?!? Some screenwriter or some producer thought that shit was funny. Then someone said, “Put it in the trailer.” Why? Batman is the world’s greatest detective. He’s an amazing fighter with a brilliant mind. He can defeat people much more powerful than him because he has trained himself to do so. Now he can do this because he is rich. But even a dirt poor Bruce Wayne can still do major damage.

The CGI in the trailer looks unfinished – especially Cyborg. If it’s unfinished they should have kept it out. If it’s finished…you are in trouble.

The League facing off against an army of Parademons? Wow…just another faceless army to fight (see Avengers 1 and 2).

Aquaman jumping off the Batmobile into a duo of flying Parademons? Looked AWFUL AS WELL. It just looks bad. Really bad.

Warner Bros freaked out after Batman v Superman was critically derided and most moviegoers were less than impressed. Production staff and management were changed. Justice League was immediately affected though, that late into the process, Zack Snyder remained as director. Personally I like BvS (and the Ultimate Edition even more) but I do understand fan concerns.

Suicide Squad had a great trailer that made everyone believe it would be the movie to lift up everyone’s spirits. But that movie was cut to shit and the result was awful. I truly believe the footage exists to put together a good Suicide Squad movie, but we’ll never see it.

What happened with BvS was the action and Suicide Squad was the reaction.  So now with Justice League I can’t really figure it out.  It seems like they tried something different with Suicide Squad and now they are back with the Zack Snyder CGI crapfest that this trailer makes it out to be.

Who is to blame?  Zack Snyder and Chris Terrio for the screenplay?  Well these horrid “jokes” they put in aren’t good AT ALL but I’m not ready to blame the screenplay yet.  Zack Snyder for the look and feel of this movie?  Probably.  I’m not saying everything needs to be sunshine and rainbows.  I’m just saying everything doesn’t need to look like you just stepped into Sadness Land.  It’s like the Rainbow Brite world before she was able to add some color.  DUDES HIRE RAINBOW BRITE TO BE ON YOUR MOVIE.

Is Marvel to blame?  Maybe.  Their films are successful but you can also look at last year’s Suicide Squad Vs. Doctor Strange.  Which film made more money?  You can say that Suicide Squad had Joker and Harley Quinn who are pretty well know.  It is was smart marketing wise to have the Joker in the movie, I’ll give them that.  But Marvel has its brand name and a huge name starring in the movie.  At the end of the day one film outgrossed the other.  As for BvS against Civil War?  Yeah – that got blown away.  And Civil War certainly had its little quips, jokes, and brighter color palette.

I personally don’t mind a bit of humor as long as it suits the movie.  Like the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – every time I see Baby Groot I want to vomit.  Why do they have a character like this in the movie?  Because he’s cute and cuddly.  No other reason.  Why is Batman quipping?  Because the filmmakers want to make the film more accessible  and they think by having the Dark Knight quipping it’ll be better.

It’s not.  Baby Groot is not.

I’m sure Guardians will make a kazillion dollars and I know I’ll see it – but the trailers don’t make me hopeful.

I’m sure Justice League will be a huge disappointment and I know I’ll see it – but this trailer makes me want to vomit.

If Geoff Johns is DC’s Kevin Feige he better get his shit straightened out now.  Because if he thinks a two hour movie of Batman quipping will alleviate fan concerns he is really, really, really wrong.