Marvel Comics has a plethora of comics that are eager and ready to be tapped for the big screen.  We’ve already seen most of our favorite characters in movies and some (Spider-Man is a big example) have been rebooted multiple times in the past 15 years.  With Marvel Studios cranking out movies in an interconnected universe the superhero movies suddenly got a bit more fun.  But where can they go from here as their actors get older year after year?

I wanted to pick out a few characters I would love to see on the big screen.  It wasn’t an easy list to come up with.  Silver Sable was the first one I thought of and I know that plans to see her on the big screen have also been talked about.  Her character rights lie with Sony but with them working with Marvel Studios it is possible to see her own movie.  With teenage popstars at their all time high it would also be a perfect time for a Dazzler movie.  Unfortunately those rights lie with 20th Century Fox who will never have a connection to the Marvel Studios movies…at least any time soon.  Pretty sure the same exact situation still exists with the Silver Surfer. Namor as well – though he ‘might’ be back in the hands of Marvel.

I started running down the list of some of my favorite comics that haven’t been adapted and ran into a wall.  I’m a huge fan of books like Squadron Supreme and Kirby’s The Eternals.  I think those stories would need to be modified greatly to fit into the Marvel Studios interconnected universe and I’m not sure how that would work.  Especially for Squadron Supreme – their initial miniseries still blows me away (and I do consider it one of the best comics of the 80s).  Of course you run into the problem for the Squadron that they are basically bastardized versions of DC Comics heroes.

The same can be said for Moon Knight (a ripoff of Batman) but if you read his books you know that’s not the case.  But with Moon Knight there’s been so many different iterations of his character.  Do it right and it can be a great film.  Do it wrong and, once again, he is a Batman ripoff.

I thought of a few others like Dakota North, Shang-Chi, and Werewolf by Night…but how good could their movies be?  I thought they may be better suited for a Netflix series but then we already have Jessica Jones (another private investigator) and Iron Fist (another martial artist).  Those characters may be better suited for characters within those shows rather than their own shows.

There’s two team books that could possibly make good flicks.  Power Pack had a bunch of kids get some powers thanks to some aliens.  The problem with kids is that since there are so many years between movies…they just grow up too fast.  And as the kids of Power Pack are REALLY little it takes the fun out of it when you go to see the second film and the one kid has a mustache.

Then there’s Alpha Flight.  It’s a great book with some great characters.  They are largely associated with the X-Men but I don’t believe their characters lie with Fox.  Still…they came to #6 on my list of 5 so I didn’t include Vindicator, Puck, and the gang.  That’s even with one of my choices being a character that Marvel Studios may not have the rights to.  I don’t care.  And I’ve talked long enough.  So here’s my list of 5 Marvel characters that should have their own Marvel Studios movies…


Originally part of Marvel’s New Universe line launched in 1986 – the Star Brand was basically about a tattoo that could be transferred from one person to another.  Having possession of the tattoo meant having access to amazing powers.  While the New Universe is not looked back on fondly by most comic book fans (I am not one of them – I’m a huge fan of the entire line) the concept itself was quite brilliant.  Under creator Jim Shooter it was one of the brightest books of the entire line and when John Byrne took over the title a storyline started that basically brought on the downfall of this entire universe.

The Star Brand is still published by Marvel Comics today albeit a different character then originally conceived back in the 1980s.  The tattoo is now in the possession of a bullied college kid named Kevin Conner who ends up becoming an Avenger.

An Avenger?  PERFECT.  As the older aging Avengers begin disappearing from the films you could have a Star Brand solo movie then have him join a new iteration of the Avengers.  It’s perfect.

Personally I’d rather see the old eighties version more – probably because that’s what I grew up with.  Either way I’m sure a feature film would lead to a slew of awesome Star Brand tattoos on people all over the world.  Just don’t get yours before I get mine.


A Prime feature film is certainly not a new idea.  Marvel was talking about a Prime film way back in 2001 but as time went on the film was forgotten about.  Marvel stopped talking about it.  Stopped mentioning it.  Marvel Comics acquired the Ultraverse line from Malibu Comics (you can check out the my amazing article on the Ultraverse by clicking right here) and continued the books for some time until they vanished.  The characters are all Marvel’s but, from what I understand, if any of the Ultraverse characters are used they would have to pay those creators (in Prime’s case Gerard Jones, Len Strazewski, and Norm Breyfogle) a percentage.  This is something Marvel doesn’t want to do so they keep all of the Ultraverse characters on ice.  Why don’t they try to buy out all of the creators now that they have Disney money so they can integrate ALL of these characters into the actual Marvel Universe?  No clue.  It’s not the only comic line that Disney owns as well – they own all of the Crossgen comic books (but other than a brief relaunch those characters are on ice as well).

Enough with the history.  Prime is basically about a kid who can morph into a gigantic muscled superhero named Prime.  The kid, Kevin Green, was still inside this huge bodybuilder guy as this superhero was basically a sort of protoplasm that surrounded Kevin.  But basically it was about a 13-year-old who could turn himself into a superhero version of The Rock.

Was it a direct ripoff of DC Comics’ Shazam?  Damn right it was.  But it was also damn good and remained one of the most popular Ultraverse comics.

One of the problems with making a Prime film is that kids grow so fast.  You don’t have too much time between sequels (and most Marvel movies WILL have sequels) so if you cast an 11 year old by the time you make the next one he’s 14 or 15.  The next one?  The kid is an adult at 18.  Marvel won’t crank out Prime sequels like Warner did Harry Potter sequels so the shelf life is pretty short.  And it is weird to have a 19 year old young man inside the body of a bodybuilder superhero.  For some reason the concept then becomes creepy.

I would say that I did think that, instead of Prime, Marvel could instead make a film based on Miracleman (itself known in England as Marvelman).  Same concepts of transforming like Shazam but Miracleman was just so adult in its themes.  I think Prime would definitely appeal more to the kids then Miracleman would.


As a kid I LOVED this series.  It was about a bunch of teenagers who come together to form a superhero team.  Led by Night Thrasher the team consisted of Namorita (a female Namor), Firestar (known from the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon and as part of the X-Men comics), Marvel Boy, Nova (which we have been introduced to in the Guardians of the Galaxy flick), and Speedball.  Ah Speedball.  What a goofy character…created by Tom DeFalco and Steve Ditko in the late 80s.  After his comic came and went he joined this team.  He has goofy powers and ends up causing the Civil War event in the comic books.

Beyond that this would be a huge win for Marvel.  Just like Guardians of the Galaxy it basically stars a bunch of unknown characters that they can make into great movies and thus sell more comic books.  It’s not like New Warriors books have totally died – the comic has continued to see print on and off since its inception.

The lone problem may be Firestar – her character may belong to Fox since she was basically used as a X-Men character when appearing in the comic books.  I’ll shrug my shoulders at this one.  Firestar was created for the Amazing Friends cartoon because the showrunners were unable to use Human Torch.  The filmmakers can easily create some sort of new amalgam character.  Why not?  I’d hate to see that (I love Firestar and think of her as one of the hottest cartoon characters ever) but you gotta do what you gotta do.


With Robert Downey Jr getting older and older we run into the realization that we soon will not have an Iron Man in the films except if they (A) recast the character or (B) pass the Iron Man mantle to someone else.  There is a choice (C) here and that choice is Darkhawk.

Chris Powell ends up finding a magical amulet that then allows him to become this armored superhero named Darkhawk.  Darkhawk is actually an amulet that he switches places with.  The Darkhawk armor is kept off somewhere and when Powell turns into Darkhawk his mind goes into the android while his body is transported off elsewhere.  Where does it go (and where is the android stored)?  All part of the story my friends.

PLUS the android armor is badass.  It is a kickass suit.  Damn I would love to see that on the big screen.

Another plus?  Darkhawk was later a member of the New Warriors so you could totally tie the character’s solo movie into a New Warriors movie.  Maybe RDJ would come back as an old Tony Stark to become a mentor, sort of like Hank Pym’s character in Ant-Man.


In coming up with 5 comics to turn into movies I just couldn’t look away from Longshot even if it is a longshot in getting made.  Just like Firestar the character is usually seen in X-Men books and therefore the rights of the characters are probably in the hands of 20th Century Fox.  I thought about just including Alpha Flight instead of Longshot…but I just love the character too much.

I loved Longshot back in the day.  He was a guy whose powers basically allowed him to always have good luck.  In the beginning of the series he has total amnesia and has to slowly figure out who he is.  Longshot’s adventure takes place on the Mojoverse where a sadistic creature named Mojo holds gladiator type events for your television viewing pleasure.  Longshot is basically a slave forced into these games who ends up leading a rebellion against Mojo.

The original miniseries was great (especially thanks to the amazing artwork by Art Adams) and the character become beloved.  Soon he was having many adventures with the X-Men and would go to be a part of both the Exiles and X-Factor teams.

This all leads me to believe that it would never be a Marvel Studios movie.  But until they tell me otherwise I’ll keep it on this list.  A world where reality TV rules – where vicious games are held – where slaves rise up against their masters?  It is pretty deep storytelling that really speaks to the way our world and entertainment are today.