Here’s the second part of R2HT’s Richie Knucklez interview!

When we had Richie Knucklez, along with director Sean Tiedeman, on the program January 22, 2013 the interviews that came from Richie’s appearance took up nearly the entire length of our two hour show.

Richie was in-house talking about the upcoming documentary on his life in arcade game culture titled The King of Arcades.  This second part had more on Richie’s life, on the King of Arcades film, plus calls from marathon video gamer Joel West and the most famous video game referee in the world – Walter Day (the man who started Twin Galaxies).

If you love video games, classic games, and gaming culture these two parts are going to be right up your alley.

Of course you can find the documentary now by buying it at most major online retailers or direct at:


Phife Dawg


Richie Knucklez (ft. Billy Mitchell) Part 1