A few months back when I received The Game Chasers DVDs in the mail I was ecstatic.  Someone, an actual video game lover AND collector, said to me, “Why the hell would you buy YouTube videos on DVD?”  I answered back why do you ever buy something on DVD?  Because you dig it.  Because you want to watch Seinfeld or Big Trouble in Little China again for the 4,657 time.  The person sort of retorted about how YouTube people want to be famous when they aren’t or whatever and left the conversation alone…

So my quick thoughts before even getting into the DVD is…as someone who used to interview movie stars for a living I find more joy and get more excited about meeting YouTube stars then I did meeting movie stars any day (well…maybe not when I met Katherine Isabelle or The Boondock Saints cast/crew.  That was pretty damn exciting).  Not only do YouTubers put out one hell of a product (ESPECIALLY The Game Chasers – I’ll get into the quality in just a moment) they are usually damn nice to boot.  When I met Billy and Jay at Too Many Games they were nice to me…but damn nice to my son (who is also a huge fan).  That impressed the hell out of me.

Season One is a two disc set and I wanted to show off what the discs actually look like because when I first unwrapped this bad boy and opened it up I actually laughed.  People type that LOL shit but I actually snickered.  These guys and their sense of humor are right up my alley.  The taped-up glasses are such the nice touch.

The first ten episodes of The Game Chasers are here.  They are presented in a widescreen format and they look hellagood on DVD.  What’s more is that they aren’t the same ol’ episodes you saw on YouTube.  These episodes are actually extended so that’s more bang for your buck there.  And to my friend who said, “You can just watch it on YouTube.” – not the extended episodes, fucker!

There are some classic episodes here.  There are the two episodes where Billy found Flintstone: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak at a store and the other where they found Little Samson at a flea market.  It is literally every gamers dream to go out and find some super rare game mispriced or lying on the shelf just waiting to be taken.  (Not at my local flea market.  They try selling you E.T. on the Atari 2600 for $20.  Well that was just one guy…I do find some great deals there.  Whatever – I’m getting off topic.)

They also meet some of their fellow YouTubers for the first time which must have been cool since they, at this point, were just the new kids on the block.  The episode where they meet 8-Bit Eric and Jay runs around in a Tigger costume is just hilarous.  NOTHING to do with gaming but probably one of the finest moments of the entire series.  Finding games is one thing, but really it is Billy and Jay that make the show.  The quality just looks top notch as it does on YouTube.  I really don’t know why someone doesn’t pick this up and put it on television.  Probably because TV producers think Rob Kardashian and Blac China are a good idea for a show.

The big draw for me here was a 45 minute documentary about the show, its beginnings, and covers the making of Season One.  I had first heard about The Game Chasers through The Gaming Historian who had been answering fan questions.  One of the questions asked to him was what YouTube shows he watched and when he said The Game Chasers I went over to their channel and immediately started watching.  I was hooked pretty quick.  The show at that time was maybe on episode 38-44…I dunno.  The thing was I did not catch on early.  I’m pretty late to all this YouTube stuff in general.

So I had zero clue of how Billy and Jay came about and how the show started.  The doc is “narrated” by Shane Luis (who hosts Rerez) and goes into the very early days where Billy, who went to school for video production, decided to do a project with Jay.  That project was…not The Game Chasers.  They actually talk how everything sort-of started for them with a weight loss documentary that fell through when the subject disappeared on them (totally reminded me of Kevin Smith’s Mae Day doc).

So Billy next decided he wanted to start doing a YouTube show.  He called it Captain 8-Bit (which is still the show’s YouTube address…never noticed that before) and started doing videos.  Two things sort of happened for the channel: (1) The guys won a contest held by Gamester81 (another host of a fabulous YouTube show – he owns a Donkey Kong cabinet and I’m jealous) and (2) While watching American Pickers said to one another, “Why don’t we do this with video games?”  The two were already going out to flea markets and collecting old stuff.  Why not film it?

The process of filming, editing, and putting up episode 1 gets talked about – while only having about 500 subscribers to their channel.  I don’t know if I can call them an “overnight sensation” and the doc doesn’t really say that either.  It seems they had a loyal following, got noticed by some huge YouTubers (like Pat Contri) and things started rolling there.  They were featured on ScrewAttack.  They were asked to join Retroware (RETROWARE IS THE BEST!)  They began getting subscribers. The high quality of the Game Chasers episodes plus their finds plus their humor just made them who they are (and they don’t touch on this in the doc…but these dudes can haggle.  I can haggle with the best of them but these guys do some Jedi mind tricks sometimes).

I don’t want to break down the documentary with every single point.  The fact of the matter is that this is a very high quality doc (the same top quality they have with their episodes) and the whole Game Chasers team (including cameramen Dodongo and Melvor) are here to talk about the process – along with several YouTubers including Pat and Metal Jesus Rocks.  I already liked Billy and Jay.  This documentary really showed me why I really liked them.  It chronicles their early success and their early struggles.  I like how candid they are and how everything wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows and shit.

Even though I’m a fan of the show I’ll admit that I don’t want much of the supplemental stuff on their channel.  Because of that I have never watched the Halloween and Christmas cartoons that are featured on these discs.  All I can really say is…wow.  It’s the guys’ humor (they all wrote it after all) but the animation is great.  The characters LOOK like the guys – and both cartoons were completely animated by Billy.  These cartoons blew me away, I am totally amazed at the level of quality for a cartoon drawn by one person, and I’m astonished at how talented Billy really is.  To write and edit their quality program is one thing…but to be able to animate something like this is just something completely different.  It is true talent.

The cartoons themselves have an animation quality I like to think looks like Frisky Dingo.  The stories are quite simple.  The Halloween episode has Billy and Jay going door to door looking for video games on Halloween and end up at 8-Bit Eric’s mansion where a monster lives.  The Christmas cartoon has Billy, Jay, and Pat the NES Punk living together (!?!?!) and having a bunch of YouTube celebrities over – but the price of admission is video games.  The games that they get are rather hilarious…if you know bad games you know that they got some shitty games (but who doesn’t want a copy of Shaw-Fu!?!??!).  The YouTube celebs include Alpha Omega Sin, Roo, and Johnny Millennium.  The best is Metal Jesus Rocks who I think just gets the best lines.  He walks in rocking a 6 pack of Zima and a Virtual Boy.  He’s the guy I’d want to hang out with at a party.  EVEN if you are never going to be these DVDs I would highly suggest seeking these cartoons out.  I’m not sure how long the Halloween episode was but the Christmas episode was over twenty minutes long.  MIND BLOWN.

The only other special feature I’ll touch on is the never before seen lost episode.  It is……just like every other episode of the Game Chasers.  Why they didn’t post it is beyond me and I’m sure if I listened to the commentary (I didn’t…and I won’t) they may explain why it was never posted.  Overall it is just a typical episode THOUGH I did learn about a game I never knew about: Normy’s Beach Babe-O-Rama.  It just sounds awful and a game that is probably right up my alley.

The discs do feature a bunch of commentaries but I’m just not a commentary guy so I didn’t give them a listen.  If the guys are talking about the process during each episode and what they left out I’m sure it’s great.  If it’s them farting and making each other laugh through the entire commentary18 it is probably even better.

Is that it for the Game Chasers?  Of course not.  I have two more seasons to review which I’ll be getting to in the next couple weeks.  Of course you can always check them out at by clicking here and checking out their YouTube page. As for this DVD set?  I give this bad boy a…