Trenton, NJ has a great collective of filmmakers that do amazing work.  One of those filmmakers is Anthony Catanese.  He’s done some incredible short films like Spinky’s Singing Winky and my personal favorite Stalled – about a girl who decides to be a bathroom attendant….and the janitor who ends up taking offense to that.  Hmmm…I did a bad job at explaining that but it really is so much better than I make it sound.

Being a local production I was very aware of Sodomaniac as a project.  I had read the original script thanks to one of the producers and I thought it was brilliant.  Very funny, really raw, and I thought if they could pull this off it would be amazing.  Why?

Because basically Sodomaniac is about a bunch of assholes who drug women and have sex with them.  To them it’s a game.  They don’t fear retribution.  They don’t fear the cops coming to their door.  To this group who calls themselves “The Wolfpack” they are just going to drug em, rape em, and basically laugh at em during their walk of shame.  If you are thinking, “Who wants to watch a film on date rape?” don’t worry – the film isn’t really about date rape.  The film is basically a revenge horror thriller.  Someone is hunting these assholes, wanting to kill them off one by one.  The killer is the Butt-Faced Killer, wearing a mask that is shaped like…someone’s ass.  How does the Butt-Faced Killer kill the rapist assholes?  By raping up them.  Right up the butt.  Until they die.

Even as friends start disappearing the group of guys known as “The Wolfpack” try to shrug it off.  They are throwing a party.  A HUGE party.  And with a huge party means more girls to drug.  Why on Earth should they care about some killer when they can go laid?  Because, of course, they don’t.

The film is unique.  How many films have the awesome tagline “Your bros my have your back…but who’s got your ass?!”  Just one movie – this one.  The movie is definitely not for the squeamish.  There is some ass rape that some may not want to see in their films.  But if you get the underlying commentary on date rape you get that it is all part of the fun.

This movie was made for like nothing.  Pennies.  Yet the flick never looks cheap.  The camera work is great, the acting is pretty decent, there’s no shortage of gore, and the editing is fucking fantastic.  This was the second time I got to see Sodomaniac after seeing it a couple years ago at the premiere at the War Memorial here in Trenton.  I think I enjoyed it more on the small screen…so I’m quite glad I own this on DVD.  It’s the kind of movie that needs to get spread around to people who have never heard of it.

The acting is great and it features many local actors known to the Trenton scene.  While in a small part Kirk Ponton (The City Is Mine and Amazon Studios The Velvet Elvis) was a great as a guy who just got out of prison who could possibly be the killer.  The standout was Quentin Carpenter as Hunter – a kid who tries to hang out with the Wolfpack and is finally able to weasel his way into their awesome party – with some hilarious results.  All of the guys who play the bros in the Wolfpack (including Craig Kelly and Allan Sconza) do a great job being assholes.  You watch them on-screen and say to yourself, “Yup.  Can’t wait for the killer to fuck kill his dumb ass.”

If you are grossed out easily – the flick isn’t for you.  But if you are a fan of horror Sodomaniac it is truly worth checking out this indie gem.  It is available from Wildeye Releasing and can be purchased at multiple sites including Amazon.  Visit Sodomaniac on Facebook as well!