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Here at 2G1 we love to review films, books, comic books, music, cartoons, video games (especially retro games), and so much more.  We have a deep appreciation for indy creators of film, comics, and music.  We also love to do Let’s (Badly) Plays on ancient videogames as well as video reviews of comics, movies, and games that can be found on our YouTube page (though we’ll always post them right here for you as well!).

You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter so whatever we find in our journeys we’ll usually post it somewhere.  Have something you would like reviewed?  Have a comment or concern?  Feel you have the chops to join 2G1?  Feel free to reach us at: or .

Ryan “Irish Rican” McLelland – Owner/”Writer”/Reviewer of Awesome Entertainment

My name is Ryan McLelland and I’ve written for such amazing sites or pubs as Newsarama, Ain’t It Cool News, Latino Review, Digital Webbing, Sequart, Comic Shop News, and more.  I formerly hosted the radio shows Electric Eclectic on 91.3 WTSR and R2HT on Gashouse Radio. I’ve written a few indy comics and been in a few flicks that you may or may not have heard of.  Pretty much the epitome of a geek but I won’t have it any other way.

I started 2G1 (originally 2 Guys 1 Review) as a small writing exercise after having been out of the writing game for around 4 years.  The plan was just to review stuff I dug.  When the site started to take off I was a bit shocked but damn happy to see more and more people come everyday.  I love to review so always feel free to hit me up! Contact Ryan direct at:






While Laura doesn’t review for the site you will hear her voice often over on our YouTube videos.  She is the Robin Quivers to Ryan’s Stern.  She can also run faster than you can drive.


Mikey Wood , Dean Zeller, and Ben Mudek.


Special thanks to David Barrantes, Bernard Chang, Jim Valentino, Raul Valdes, Raphael Duarte, Don Edwards, Tony Goggles, Dave Ryan, Mark Fenton, and Kevin VanHook.  More special thanks to Chuck Cleaver, Billy Alletzhauser, Randy Cheek, and the Ass Ponys.  Even more special thanks to Shawn Lov.  Additional thanks to Professor Shyguy.  Extra special thanks to Mikey McAuliffe for all the know-how, knowledge, and support.  2G1 Reviews animated logo by Eighth Studios.